Astral Sex


Freyja's seidr magick also included sex magick. Since it is downright
dangerous today to have physical intercourse with someone unless you are
100 percent certain about what deadly diseases he or she may have, the
shaman should practice her sex magick on the Otherworld planes. Even
there, one must not indulge in casual sex. Astral entities can transmit
"diseases" of a different nature, but no less threatening.

For centuries orthodox religions, and even patriarchal Pagan ones, have
spread the lie that sex is not possible for astral beings or humans now
in spirit. Yet, at the same time, they warn against the succubi and
incubi who come at night to have sexual intercourse with humans. All
evidence points to a cover-up. Matriarchal religions knew that astral
lovers and sex on the astral plane were possible, even desirable under
certain conditions.

In Norse terms, the astral lover may be the fylgja [personal guardian
spirit]. Astral lovers may be either male or female, depending upon your
present sexual preferences. The astral sexual act can be just like the
physical act, but the best astral sex is not performed in the same way
as physical sex is. Higher astral sex is a melding of chakras. The
climax of such sex makes regular sex seem like juvenile groping. It is
vastly superior and more intense.

Loving on the astral planes with an astral being in this manner is not
evil, sinful, or dirty. It is a bona fide spiritual experience, one that
orthodox religions don't want you to know about. Knowing the truth
behind this ancient secret makes it possible for a single, widowed, or
divorced person to live a sexually satisfied, spiritual, and happy life
without the marriage bonds demanded by the churches. Tis knowledge puts
you outside the control of such organizations and other interfering
people. It also makes you resistant to clumsy proposals of unwanted
suitors, insincere Romeos, and the undesired attempts by matchmakers.

You are your own person.

Your astral lover will probably be a person with whom you have shared
several past lives. Since this person is in spirit and you are in the
physical, there should be no guilt even though you may be presently in a
relationship. In fact, your astral lover will encourage you to form
physical relationships and may even guide you to the right person. The
astral lover will do all in her/his power to help you have a happy,
fulfilling life in all ways.

When finding your true astral lover, spend time in a courtship period.
This can be a time for cuddling, hugs, and kisses, and generally getting
reacquainted. Spend several Otherworld journeys with your lover as a
companion before you get deeply involved. Ask her/him to accompany you
whenever you journey so you can learn more about this person through
her/his responses to various situations.

Eventually there will come a time when you wish to express your joy and
love in other ways than just an embrace or a warm kiss. Do not expect
astral sex to be like physical sex; it is very different. Your astral
lover will be gentle, guiding you into the astral experience with great
love. I can only give you the basics of what to expect; there is no way
possible to express the intensity and beauty of the experience. When you
feel you are ready to go further, take the following guided journey to
experience the higher forms of astral sex with your spirit lover.

Your Otherworld Lover

Prepare yourself for your shamanic journey by hallowing your sacred

Using your staff or the labrys, hallow this space by invisibly
marking out a circle large enough for you to lie down or sit in

Surrounding yourself with white light .Sit or lie
quietly and visualize brilliant white light over your head. Surround
yourself with this brilliant light. Take several slow, deep breaths and
draw the white light inside your body. You can feel its tingling energy
running through you., and relaxing your body.

Relax your body,
beginning at your feet and ending at your head. Mentally tell each body
part to relax; do not dwell on whether or not it is doing this, just
assume it is and move on.

. Remember to rid yourself of negatives at the
pond before attempting to enter the Upper world.

Visualize yourself
standing on the bank of a pond or river. Call up every negative event or
person which is causing problems in your life and throw them into the
pond. Turn your back and walk away.

Go to the World Tree and place both hands on it. Feel the rough,
tingling bark. As you press against the Tree, it opens and you slide
easily inside the trunk. You see the energy of the Tree moving up and
down through it like pulsating lines of light. Quickly, you follow one
of the upward lines, thinking of your Otherworld lover as you go. Soon
you find yourself near an opening, and you go through it.

As you step from the Tree into a woodland setting, you find your
Otherworld lover waiting for you. You embrace and talk about what has
been happening since you last met. Your lover leads you off to the
beautiful, quiet place where the two of you can be alone.

The two of you stand face to face, your arms around each other. You feel
your throat centre at the site of your thyroid gland begin to increase
in size. Allow this to happen, as it helps to clear all the chakras by
removing obstructions. This expansion can also increase creativity and
intensify psychic talents. Even without all these side benefits, this
enlarged throat centre produces an almost sexual tingling throughout
your astral body.

With both your lines of chakras, or light centres, lined up, a form of
light centre intercourse begins. The exchange of energy is fantastic.
You have to experience it to fully understand what I mean. This astral
loving can go on as long as you wish.

Finally, you and your lover sit together on a blanket on the grass. Your
lover shares a goblet of golden-coloured wine with you. She/he has
brought a picnic of Otherworld delicacies which you savour with all your
senses. You talk about your hopes and plans and problems, and your lover
promises to help.

When you are ready to return, go back to the World Tree. Enter it and
slide down a line of energy until you come to an opening. Go through
this opening, think of your physical body, and slide back into it.


Occasionally, this astral intercourse will produce a corresponding
reaction in the physical body and you will experience an orgasm. Or you
may awake in a very sexy mood and surprise your physical mate with an
unexpected invitation to love making.

Loving on the astral is not a betrayal of your physical mate or
companion. If anything, it will enhance your physical love-making. If
you have no present mate, astral loving will satisfy your needs and keep
you balanced.

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